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Nothing frames your face quite like a perfectly shaped brow! 


Our expert brow gurus will measure your perfect brow shape then use a mix of tweezing, waxing and threading, depending on the treatment, to shape your brows. Looking for further definition? Why not book in for an eyebrow tint, making even the faintest of brows look full and shapely! 


Don't forget your lashes with our menu of eyelash treatments, including the fantastic Hepburns Lash Lift. This natural lash treatment adds length, volume and and lift to natural lashes. You can forget your extensions, false lashes and eye glue after this treatment! 

HB Brow Treatment

Our HB Brows are in a class of their own. Our most senior brow specialists will use 7 steps to achieve the ultimate eyebrow shape and colour for your face. Let us design, tint, wax, tweeze, thread and trim your brows to create a flawless sculpted appearance. 

Diamond Eyes Package
Our therapist will make your eyes the star of the show with an eyebrow wax, eyebrow tint and eyelash tint.
Eyelash Menu 
Brow Menu 

Eyebrow Wax

HB Brow Wax

More advanced shape 

Eyebrow Tint

Eyelash tint *

Hepburns Lash Lift *

*(Patch test is required before we can carry out these treatments) 

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