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At Hepburn’s we’ve always led the way in the industry with our impeccable hygiene standards which go way beyond what is asked of us in the government standards for our industry.  Now we’ve upped our health and safety game even more.  Here’s what we’re doing in our salons to ensure you and our team remain safe during this unsettling time of COVID-19

  • before we re-open our salons in St Andrews and Dundee we are performing a deep clean of our entire space – that includes cleaning every single room, product + furniture in our location. We’re getting to work!

  • Before each and every treatment, as usual, we will be disinfecting all of our surfaces and inside the lamps and tables, but we’ll also do the seating before your service starts.

  • We continue to use the highest possible grade of disinfectant that goes over government regulations for our stainless-steel tools. As always, anything that can’t be sterilised will be thrown away.

  •  All Hepburn’s staff will wear a face covering in our salons

  •  We are limiting the number of clients in our salons to support social distancing.

  •  We now have hand sanitizing stations at the front desk upon entry for anyone who comes in.

  •  Our staff will continue to change gloves and wash and sanitize our hands between every client and every treatment.

  • We have also tightened things up and made it mandatory for staff to wear gloves for ALL treatments, until further notice.

  • Our staff have been asked to stay home if they are feeling ill or do not feel well enough to come into our space.

  • We may extend our opening and closing hours to add additional time to work, to prevent crowding and to accommodate all clients safely!

  • we have updated our training to include robust health + safety protocols for hand washing, gloves (application + removal), and masks (application + removal).

Here’s how we’re asking all clients to help us stay safe

  • All of our clients must wear a face mask when entering our salons.

  • We’re asking our customers to sanitise their hands upon entry at our sanitise stations.

  • We’re asking our clients to wait outside our salons until the front is clear of other guests.

  • If you are feeling symptomatic please reschedule your appointment

Nail Desk Protocols

  • Stainless steel implements are scrubbed + disinfected in a bath of highest grade disinfectant between each client.

  • Fresh gloves are worn by Therapists for each treatment

  • Pedicure foot spa’s are already single use – we'd never ask you to put your feet in a bowl used by someone else.

  • We don’t use ‘spa chairs’ or whirlpool sinks which are made from enamel or plastic....these are impossible to clean or disinfect and are a breeding ground for mycobacterium. 

Wax Room Protocols

  • We never double dip wax. Double dipping is one of the most dangerous (and gross) waxing practices – and unfortunately, it happens at lots of salons. We’re talking dead cells, hair, bacteria, fungus, feacal matter, blood and everything else......with double dipping that’s all going back into the wax pot. YUK!!!!!

  • We never re-use anything that cannot be disinfected.  Our Nail Files, Foot Files, and Buffers are only ever used once.  Incredibly, this is a practice you won’t find everywhere in fact you’ll be hard pushed to find any salons in the UK doing this!!  We’re way ahead of the crowd on this for good reason.  Re-using a nail file is disgusting, and don’t believe it when a salon say they spray disinfectant works – it doesn’t!!!

  • We use disposable paper wax strips.  Laundered cloth wax strips believe it or not still happen and are widely used. Gosh, it’s so gross we can barely think about it.

  • Gloves are worn by our Therapists for most waxing but our new protocols have upped this to include ALL waxing.

  • We use disposable linens and paper in all applicable treatments and dispose of them after each treatment.

  • Our couch beds and trolleys are thoroughly bleached and disinfected between each client.

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