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The Hepburns No-Chip Manicure


What is the Hepburns No-Chip Manicure?

It's a mix of traditional nail polish and a soak off gel polish system. It applies like nail varnish, then it is cured under LED light for a few minutes. You leave with completely dry, perfectly polished nails that won't chip! A fantastic choice for holidays or important events.


How long can it last?

It can last up to four weeks, but can vary depending on how much you work with your hands and how fast your nails grow. If you like to keep the length of your nails shorter and more manageable, then the No-Chip Manicure will last for ages!


How long is the appointment?

Appointments last around 45mins. We start off with a dry manicure to get your cuticles perfect and your nail shape exact. Then the product is applied and cured. Best part is, you leave with 100% dry nails the second your treatment is finished! So, no waiting around for drying time. 


Will it damage my nails?

Definitely not. The product is very gentle and that's why it can be applied to your natural nail. However, we highly recomend that we remove the gel polish for you at the shop. Just like peeling off your own shop bought polish, you can damage the top layer of your nail if the Hepburns No-Chip Manicure is removed improperly. Removal only costs £5 with the booking of another manicure service - simple!


What do I do when my nails grow out?

You can purchase the corresponding color to your No-Chip Manicure and touch up as it grows out. You can even paint over your No-Chip with any nail color you would like! Just make sure you remove any newly applied top coat with a non acetone nail polish remover.





Is the Bikini area itchy when the hair grows back?

Waxed hair grows in thinner and softer - including underarm hair. It's only when you shave that you get the itching, prickly bits.


How long does a person stay smooth after a Brazilian Wax?

This depends on your own hair growth and how often you have been having Brazillian Waxes. On average it is anywhere between 1-3weeks. However, after you've had a few Brazilian Bikini Waxes your hair will start to grow in much finer and you will also notice that your hair will start to grow back a lot slower.


Can I get waxed on the same day as a facial?

We don't recommend it. Some skin is highly sensitive and each of our facials includes some form of exfoliation. Waxing is also an exfoliating process and combining the two can cause skin to become irritated and peel.


After waxing, how long does the redness last?

Redness and sometimes a little swelling may be expected to last for a maximum of 24 hours. Any longer is not normal and you may be very sensitive to wax. Tell us about it and we'll try a threading treatment as an alternative.


What types of wax do Hepburns use?

We use three different types of wax.  We use a very technically advanced Non-Strip Wax called Berins for our Bikini Brazillians. It's a low temperature wax which solidifies on your skin and shrink wraps the hair. It's so gentle on underlying skin and gets to even the tiniest hairs.


We also use a facial wax which is a mix of Hot and Strip. It makes it more gentle for the face than a straight forward strip wax, so avoids over sensitising eyebrows or top lips.


Finally for large areas like legs and backs, we use traditional Strip Wax.  We're highly skilled waxers, so we prefer the pot and spatula method. This takes great skill and experience. Most importanly, we never use any spatula more than once.  Spatulas are also never dipped into the wax pot more than once during an appointment.  Ensuring high levels of hygiene at all times. 


Can I get waxed when I have my period?

Yes. It's no problem at all. We do request that you wear a tampon while getting waxed.


I'm pregnant. Is it safe to get a Brazillian? 

Absolutely. As long as it's ok with your doctor - then it is not an issue for us. We work around the size of your baby bump and can change positioning as required.


Hepburns Wax Tips

For any bikini waxing service, the hair should be approximately 1-2 cm long. This is the ideal length for the wax to stick and the hair to come out nice and easy! So grow it out if it’s too short or grab the clippers and do a little trimming if it’s too long!


Your cleanliness before your appointment...Our advice is please don't worry! We've got individual hygiene wipes that we lay out for you to use to freshen up before your treatment. We're all the same, so please lets not be embarrassed about it.


Exfoliating the night before really helps, so get buffing! Dermalogica's Exfoliating Body Scub and Cream is the ultimate in ingrown hair prevention. It’s also recommended to apply one hour before waxing as it loosens the hairs so that they come out more easily. 

Hepburns Friends with Benefits Club


How do I check my points balance?
Your points balance will be printed on the bottom of your receipt or just ask any of the team to check for you.


Are my previous points gone now?
Hepburns only introduced their Loyalty Club in January 2016 therefore unfortunatly any points accrued before this time are no longer valid.


Can I transfer my points to a friend?
No sorry, your points are only available for you to use, they can only be accessed from your profile.


Can I use my points to buy retail products?
Sorry, you can only use your points in payment for full treatments.


Can I collect points when I buy a gift card?
No, sorry, points are only collected on services that you’ve had and not on gift cards.


Can I transfer my points to a gift card if I do not wish to redeem them for treatments?
All points must be redeemed for treatments only, we are unable to transfer your points balance onto a gift card.


Can I trade in my points for cash?
Points can only be used to redeem free treatments and cannot be traded for gift cards or cash.

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