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Waxing at Hepburns Nail Lounge

At Hepburns Nail Lounge we want to give you the low down on our popular waxing treatments. We’ll fill you in on the products we use and our waxing techniques, so you’re confident and comfortable when you come in for an appointment. Whether you’re a waxing newbie, or a Brazilian expert we’ve got you covered!

All our therapists are expertly trained in the traditional hot wax method using a pot and spatula. This technique requires more training and skill but gives the amazing results that our customers expect from a Hepburns Nail Lounge treatment. We use the industry respected wax techniques of US Wax Queen, Lori Nestore! Only the best will do!

We use a variety of different types of wax depending on which area we’re working on. For our intimate bikini waxes we use a technically advanced non-strip wax called Berins. It is applied more thickly than a soft wax, has a low temperature and the removal grabs even the tiniest of hairs.

Our brow and facial wax is a mix of both hot and strip wax and is fantastic for hitting those hard to reach areas. Strong enough to remove even the smallest of hairs and still gentle enough for sensitive skin types.

Last, but by no means least, is the traditional hot strip wax. Melting at a comfortable 72 degrees, this wax is used on large areas such as the legs and back. It comes off quickly and easily removes all hair!

Hygiene is of the upmost importance during your waxing treatment. We never double dip a spatula and each spatula is thrown away after just one use. We also lay some individually wrapped hygiene wipes on the bed, allowing you to freshen up before your treatment. No need to be embarrassed, we’re all the same!

Following your wax make sure to avoid the below on treated areas for 24 hours:

  • Make-up

  • Heavy creams

  • Heat treatments such as sun beds, saunas and hot baths

  • Tight clothing that can cause irritation

Smooth on some aloe vera or tea tree lotion after your treatment to soothe the skin and help avoid any nasty in-grown hairs.

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