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Your guide to the HB Brow Treatment!

One of the most popular treatments in our salons is our Hepburns HB Brow Treatment. Brows have been thrust into the spotlight recently as the trend for thicker, more defined brows has taken the beauty world by storm!

A well-shaped brow can shape the face and define your features, adding a polished finish to your look. We use a mixture of waxing, tweezing and threading techniques to achieve the perfect brow shape for your face!

Step One

Every brow treatment starts with a consultation. This is vital to ensure we can achieve exactly what you’re looking for. Whether that be a defined arch, fuller looking brows or just to enhance your natural brow shape. It can take up to 3 treatments to achieve your desired shape, depending on how much hair you have etc.

Step Two

After a thorough cleanse of the brow area, it’s time to match up a tint to suit your skin tone and hair colour. Some clients like a darker intense brow, others prefer a more natural and subtle look. We custom mix each tint for each individual client - ensuring the perfect match.

Step Three

Once the tint has developed both on the hair and onto the skin behind the brow (giving a fuller look), we then begin the precise wax. Just one hair could change the look of a brow, so we’re very particular at this stage! We use a mix of Berins intimate and hot waxes, which are strong enough to remove even the tiniest of hairs, but gentle on the skin.

Step Four

Once the wax is complete, the shape of the brow really starts to come together. Tweezing away any stray hairs and trimming of the brows then takes place. We then thread above the brow to get rid of any blonde downy hairs. Giving a sharp, professional finish.

Step Five

We then smooth on some soothing Aloe Vera gel and use our fabulous camouflage so that no one will ever know you’ve had a brow wax… goodbye redness!

Step Six

We then show the client their lovely new brows and discuss how they’d like to move forward with their brow shape at their next treatment and provide any after care advice.

Book in for your expert brow treatment from just £22!

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