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Arms and Legs

Half Leg

Three Quarter Leg

Full Leg 



Facial Waxing


Lip and Chin


Sides of Face


HB Brows

HB Brow Wax

An Eyebrow wax from our senior brow therapists. Your therapist will wax, tweeze, thread and trim your brows for an enhanced customised shape. 


HB Brow Treatment 

Our HB Brows are in a class of their own. Our most senior brow specialists will use 7 steps to achieve the ultimate eyebrow shape and colour for your face. Let us design, tint, wax, tweeze, thread and trim your brows to create a flawless sculpted appearance. If you're only having one treatment, make it this one!

Bikini Waxing

Traditional Bikini

(Removal of hair from outside the pant line and inner thigh)

Extended Bikini

(High Leg Bikini Wax - hair removed from just inside the pant line)

Brazilian Bikini

(All other hair removed)

Combo Offers

Half Leg and Traditional Bikini

Half Leg and Extended Bikini

Half Leg and Brazilian Bikini

Full Leg and Traditional Bikini

Full Leg and Extended Bikini

Full Leg and Brazilian Bikini


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