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Hepburn's Pro Polish

Our manicuring procedures and techniques are totally unique to us. We do things that you won’t have seen or experienced before, but that's why our treatments are of such a high quality! 


Our Hepburn's Pro Polish is unique to our salons. Manufactured in Tampa, Florida exclusivley for us in over 200 colours. From pinks to blues, oranges to purples... you name it we've got it! We can then add pigment, shimmers, glitters, pearls and all sorts of effects to create a totally unique polish. 


Our signature Hepburns No-Chip Manicure combines our Pro Polish with our top secret No-Chip technique to create a chip-free nail manicure or pedicure that lasts up to 3 weeks! 


We LOVE a challenge! Clients are encouraged to bring in their dress or shoes for us to colour match, with the option to purchase your Pro Polish for an additional small fee. 

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