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The Hepburns Express No-Chip Pedi


Starts with a cleansing foot wash, then a cuticle tidy, file and application of No-Chip (£5 extra) or traditional polish. Ends with a cream massage.

Long Weekend Pedi
Pedicure with a Traditional Nail Polish finish.


The Hepburns Pristine No-Chip Pedi


We buff, scrub, soak, and buff some more! Then application of our No-Chip polish (£5 Extra) and ending with a long heavenly massage.


We make our own mask and scrub containing lovelies like ground pumice, cleaver, menthol crystals (for that tingly feeling!), cinnamon leaf and lemon olis. We add locally grown fresh tomatoes to seriously rejuvenate those feet! Beautiful!

The Hepburns Ultimate No-Chip Pedi


Following the same process as The Pristine Pedi, but with an additional super moisturising paraffin wax treatment and a blissful intensive foot massage.

Pedicure Side Orders

French Finish

Custom Colour Finish

Paraffin Wax Treatment

Nail Art / Gems

Therapeutic Foot Massage

Princess Pamper Pedicure *

* Manicure aimed at children under 13 years of age,

with a traditional nail polish finish.

Our Pedicures take place in our pedicure lounge where you sit in our bespoke Pedi Unit. We think it gives a perfect position for you to enjoy your pedicure and allows our techs to do their best work. Most of our pedicuring equipment is disposable, including the liner of the foot spa and the files! We only use these items once before we throw them away (the file, we give to you). 

 * Children getting princess pamper pedicures are to be accompanied strictly by only one responsible adult, as we are unable accommodate waiting groups.

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